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THE COCA LEAVES. Bet you I chew these coca leaves!

We can say it, the coca is consumed from immemorial time  by the Andean populations. But in what can she well be of use to us, tourists of the Altiplano?

And well, they have many virtues these coca leaves.

For the Andean farmers, they contribute to help them to adapt themselves to the rough life in the Altiplano, they give them strength and resistance in to face the physical effort and help them to fight against the cold. But it is not only that, for the Andean populations, them play especially an essential role in the social interactions, in terms of exchanges and reciprocity. It is used as social link.

It is a sacred and reliable symbol.

For us, newcomers, they help us to fight hypobaropathy beyond 3000 meters and as we call it here, ” Sorojche ” this physiological trouble associating palpitations and troubles of head. Tolerated everywhere in South America, and on open sale on all the markets, we take it in the form of “chew” according to the traditional method or in infusion and called ” mate de coca”.

This thousand-year-old tradition I tested it for you!

My ball of coca leavesmixed with vegetable ashes (for my part, ashes of quinoa) stalled in the mouth between my gum and my cheek, the virtues start little by little under the effect of my saliva,

bet you I chew I chew these coca leaves!

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