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– Itinerantour – The Non-Profit –


Itinerantour - The Non-Profit is closely connected to our long-term journey. It is a journey in the discovery of the man in his own environment. How many times we do not travel without even taking the time to discuss and learn from the local people that we cross and in their customs. Oh yes, in all these countries we discover beautiful landscapes but the people belong to this ground and make all their beauty.

Itinerantour - The Non-Profit The Non-Profit ITINERANTOUR is an innovating project to bring a new look on the way of travelling. We shall present portraits of these people, their traditions, their jobs, their lifestyles and to bring a new "OPENED WINDOWS ON THE TRAVEL WORLD"

Itinerantour - The Non-Profit, is also a way to approach the themes which are dear to us and which make that we leave for this adventure. The key point of the journey amounts completely in this sentence :« Let us discover all these countries without ignoring their existence ». We speak naturally all these peoples who by their customs, their places of housing environment, the environment make it their own stories.

The Non-Profit ITINERANTOUR will bring back testimonies from the end of the world, we shall support quite particularly certain actions of local non-profit, we shall meet the benefactors of these initiatives and shall speak with them of their commitments. We shall retranscribe and shall synthesize their initiatives with our felt to promote them and put them in network to favor their developments.

This approach will serve as basis to build a teaching aid by approaching the essential themes of the peoples and their environment. All these actions made by these local non-profits, have to come along with a global awareness and thus "INSPIRE AND MAKE US WANT TO ACT". Why do not dream and promote promising projects and who knows by means of this media network, to allow to duplicate this project, this action to other peoples in other parts of the world. The diversity of the situations generates the diversity of solutions. Mutualize all over the world what exists of positive in these expanding local projects can take any other dimension. Certain causes deserve to be defended.

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– Itinerantour – The Non-Profit –


Itinerantour - The Non-Profit The Non-profit ITINERANTOUR is firmly convinced that to make sensitive our children on the importance of the preservation of the heritage of the people is a duty. That is why, ITINERANTOUR will bring a quite particular attention to set up an educational exchange with schools
We say easily that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow.
But this awareness in the own alive circles of each is necessary for the saving of the planet and its immaterial heritage.
To allow the children to understand why it is essential to protect these natural balances and allow them to made their own idea of the world. Thanks to partnerships and generosity of teachers and parents, interviews will be developed with Itinerantour to be then put to the children of diverse ages on themes of their life and their day to day lifestyle.

These interviews implementation within schools before our departure will be the link throughout this journey with the children in the habits and customs varied which will devote to the same questions. Tackled issues will minutely be chosen according to the approximate ages of the children, such as the games, the songs, the leisure activities, the dreams, the parents, the family life, the happiness, the food ……

This project in association with schools and teachers, will allow the actors of tomorrow, whom are our children, to discover the diversity of the planet for the meeting of their people and their environment. A common project to strengthen the links and an opening to the world..
Educational themes can be organized by the teachers in their class with the support of the own experience of our children and the association.
These meetings will be filmed and will have risen to be posted on our associative page as well as on the various social networks.

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The Non-Profit in Short

« Itinerantour The Non-Profit » has for main purpose to promote and support humanitarian intented to ameliorate and make known the natives people, their daily life as well as the one from the kids.

Local Associations

We will highlight the initiatives from local non-profit who, on the terrain, are working hard in order to ameliorate the dayli life of the inhabitants or people. Bring the awarness of everyone on their engagement and their international visibility. We are willing to relay these actions, show to the world that they exist and that they express themselves every day to improve their lives whilst the difficulties and constraints. We want to offer the opportunity to people willing to support them to give them a hand. We introduce them to you as you might help them.

The Big Themes

We will talk about food, health, education, climate change, conservation of natural ressoureces, rural development, and re-forestation. « Itinerantour » it is also to bring our contribution to all these projects but also inform the public and initiate inter-cultural exchange between people.

Respect the balance between Man and Nature. Put the Human and its environment in the center on the long trip in familly. Facilitate choices and local inititatives in order to help them develop their own economy to reach a independant management.


Because the future of the children is directly link to the development of their region.

We will also have as objective to discuss the question of the education from a cultural perspective through the education comparison,

what are the common points and differences

The Education and le childhood and the themes will be established in cooperation with schools and teachers.


Local Associations
The Big Themes

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