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  • You believe that any small actions communicated well has a big impact
  • Because you know that our commitment for the people and its environment deserves to be supported.
  • Because you are firmly convinced that to make sensitive our children by means of an educational exchange is essential.
  • Because this project carries the image which federates your commitment and your solidarity on the world, his people and the sustainable development.
  • Because you know that any communication and contribution for this non-profit project can be useful.
  • Because you will be associated with our actions and communication, and they will be useful for you in term of advertisements and image
  • Because you are touched and sensitive to this magnificent project

  • By speaking about our project around you
  • By becoming a member to our association
  • By becoming a benefactor of our association
  • By participating in our actions of micro-sponsoring (Postcards, Km traveled, Bucket List)
  • By subscribing to our Newsletter
  • By supporting us on the Social Networks
  • By sharing our articles on the social networks
  • By bringing us the material / equipment necessary for the realization of this project
  • And obviously by bringing us your financial support

  • To bring to our web site ITINERANTOUR of regular articles on our discoveries
  • We shall approach the themes which are dear to us and which made that we leave for this adventure such as: the environment, the peoples and their customs, their lifestyles and the nature
  • We shall share our key points of the journey, our knocks of heart, the look which carry our children the world
  • Maintain our photo galleries of the meetings and moments of our everyday life
  • Presentation of the initiatives of the local associations
  • Associate your company, your logo, with our trip
  • To give conferences with the schools of Saint-Barthélemy to make sensitive the children in the cultures, the peoples, and environment which surround them
  • To make a photos exhibition at the Collectivity of the St. Barthélemey to bring an expanding look on the Real World
  • To make sensitive the public opinion on the importance of the preservation of the immaterial Heritage
  • All these moments of this extraordinary everyday life will completely be a part of this exchange with our benefactors, Internet users, family and every person who support us in this magnificent project.
  • You will belong to the closest to us by traveling our articles, our photos, our impressions, and who knows shall get for you maybe a desire for Escape.