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Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5, preparation, where to start?

By the beginning of course !! After having bought our Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5, and spend hours and hours on the internet, we put in place a strategic plan of attack for the preparation of our Defender.

Phase 1: The Big Cleaning

The big cleaning seems to be an easy task. But once we started, we realized quickly that we you are a maniac like we are, that this task because more and more complicated as every single details count. So we took the power wash and let’s roll for a big cleaning. As our Defender is not brand new we still have to take good care of him.

Once this external cleaning done, we took out of the car all the little things piece by piece. The former owner was nice enough to leave us some spare parts but we need to sort them before.

Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5 Aménagement

During this depp cleaning we noticed that a few things needed to be changed such as the doors joints. Druppels of water inside the vehicule is not a good sign. So replacement is needed.
With a shhet of paper and a pen we start our list of items to be changed. Hopefully, lots of web-sites does exist for that.Best-of-land or also land-service for example.

Now, here we are inside of our Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5.

Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5 aménagement
Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5 - Interior

Step by step we start the interior cleaning. Oh, it is a little bit dirty here, oh, there also and it ends also on a very deep interior cleaning.

And if this part is nicely cleaned we can’t leave this one dirty, neither this one, etc … Result !! the whole vehicule has been unscrewed. Front seats, back seats, seatbelts, cubby-box, dashboard, roof, floor, etc…

What is interesting in this phase is that we had some surprises, good and less good. We found some strange wiring that looks like GPS trackers like the one used in rally. We found unwired wires ??
Some of them were directly wired to the tachometer ? Most probably linked to some kind of computer in order to be able to assess their position in case of GPS failure or something like that!

Well once done, let’s start for the electricity revision:

PHASE 2 : The Land-Rover Defender 110 TD5 Electricity stage.

You have no idea on the number of wire and lenght of these in a car. But also when you plan a long travel you have to thing to detail that you won’t for a normal city car.

Long range lighting, of course, ok yes but I am talking about REAl long range lighting the one forbidden in every cities. Ok but what for ? Because when it is dark it is DARK. We are loosing the basic notion when you live in a city. Hopefully, on our island when the moon is gone it gets really dark so we won’t forget to have long range lights.

Thus we installed a bar with Leds of 72 cm (60 Leds or 13500Lm ou equivalent of 1.350 watts) on the roofrack and installation of a led bar of 42 cm (24 leds or 5760 Lm ou equivalent de 576 watts) on the bull-bar !!

Land-Rover Defender 110 Barre à leds

And then, installation on all the switches needed for long range up, long range down, fridge, winch, inverter, and all the electronic equipment etc …

Cubby-Box Land-Rover Defender 110
Land-Rover Defender 110 Double batteries

Installation of a electronic batteries managing system that will manage the electricity consumption. Two Batteries OPTIMA are installed in the vehicule, the red for the ignition (basic function of the vehicule, such as ignition, lights,) and the yellow one that will be used for the electricity not depending of the red one ! Meaning , long-range lights, auxiliary heater, fridge, inverter, etc…

Finally, we installed the ignition process inside the cubby-box with a circuit breaker.

Cubby box Defender 110 Itinerantour

Phase 3: Tires

For the tires, we choose for security and comforte. When you long travel and certainly with kids youhave to take your precautions. So for our tires, we choose BF GoodRich All Terrain KAO2.

the last tires genenration, with reinforced sides to limit, eventual side cuts when driving on stones or rocky roads.

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