Iléna Junior Ranger in the USA

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You are visiting the United States to discover the National Parks, you are a little bit perplexed of the interest which your children could find there. And well, dont worry, they are good these Americans.

They developed a very serious activity which involves literally your children. What would say your 5 years old child , if you told him that he could become a real Junior Ranger?

Nothing more simple, proceed to the entrance of the park at the Visitor’s Center, they are present at every entrance, and ask at the Ranger for the Juniors Ranger program for your child. The Ranger will take time to explain of what consists this program and how to become in their turn a real Junior Ranger.

The Ranger will give him a notebook to be completed throughout his discovery of the park, the best deal, dear parents, to obtain all the attention of your child and especially make him sensitive  to the environment which surrounds him and to have all its attention and motivation. This notebook of Junior activity Ranger is free in most of the parks or costs only a moderate sum in others. The book is split by activities questions & answers according to ages.

To give you a concrete example, our children were on the lookout for the slightest noise, waiting for the appearance of the animal in sight and to being able with pride to mark them in the book and so show their fervour to the Park Ranger. A good Junior Ranger also owes to respect rules of conduct very strict as stay on paths but also write his own observations. Completing his notebook, beleive me,  is took very seriously by our Little future rangers.

It is time at the moment to turn back to the visitor’s center and put back the notebook of observations to the Ranger. This protocol is made with a great serious, it is not a game!

The notebook is entirely read by the Ranger and asks some questions to the children, then HE asks if the children have questions on what they discovered, learned, observed.

Our National Ilena, waited only for it at Arches NP. The Ranger was entitled to the interrogation of the century, what was worth her an additional badge!

But let us speak little, it’s time to take the oath, your child will have to raise the right hand and repeat the solemn commitment that pronounce every rangers:

“I, Ilena I swear solemnly to take care of the nature and the animals in all the national parks of the USA and moreover and promises to collect the garbage which will cross my way”. An extra official prize was given to her by the Ranger, a color badge in the name of the park and that she very proudly pinned to her T-shirt!

It is that they walked a lot without being aware of the kilometers they made so much they were captivated by the discovery and to line their tasks in this famous book!

Last year more than 800.000 children became Juniors Rangers. This “Junior Ranger program” is just fabulous and not to be miss during your journey in the United States!


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