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– WHO ARE WE ? –

It is not how we are that defines us, but our acts !


It is not who we are that defines us, but our acts !

- Séverine Puissant-

Séverine Itinerantour

This is it, I write you the first lines of a long series on our site, We wish you Welcome to Itinerantour and know that it is now, here, at once that your Envy for travel, is going to become Reality !

First of all, let us make the presentations!

We are a couple of Belgian who on a Sunday of 2006 decided to live what will be our first adventure and our first dream. Everything has been set up very fast and during the summer, 2007 we settled down definitively " in the Heaven on Earth " where it is pretty well living , the island of Saint-Barthélemy in the French West Indies. It has now been over 8 years which to live on " our Pebble " swamps us with Happiness and with Love of the everyday life. Since our arrival, our cocoon got bigger because we have now 3 wonderful children who came to enrich this Intense Life !!

- Nicolas Yourassowsky-

Nicolas Itinerantour

Parallax About Us 2

Are we going to dream on what would be our life in an other place or are we going to decide to live our dream ?

We are going to lilve Beautifull stories, we are going to write our own book of life and shoot our own movies .

And well let us begin by the beginning

A family of three children which intends to leave on 1 year or even more for South America.

Oh, classic you will tell me? And very classic maybe in thought

but concretely to set up everything is not a small matter.
Where to begin, it is really the first question we ask ourselves.
Then come doubt can really take the plunge?

Many questions appear, a part of uncertainty. To take the plunge of the dream in the Reality,

it is for many of us difficult even inconceivable …

We take pleasure in our life, the unknown disturbs but they also give us wings!
Are we going to dream about the fact that can be our life Somewhere else or do we decide to live our dream?
We are going to live Beautiful stories, we are going to write our own Roman and to write our own movies.
Believe in us … we are leaving, Let’s go! It will be a no return … We Leave!

Parallax About Us 3


No need to run, just enjoy the beauty of the encounter and every smile that you are offered to see !

Our Philosophy.

One Smile at the time ! We chose voluntarily to discover during this journey only a single continent and to travel slowly by giving way to unlikely encounter and a crush. We voluntarily want to take time to live a certain simplicity, to become soaked in the life of the natives and especially to discover their environment through their eyes. Slow down our enthusiasm for a return to basics, take time to establish our routines of life during that journey. Leave the time in time, give way to the unpredictable of a meeting, to have the luxury to discover the world which surrounds us and to listen to the tales and the legends. We long to live and especially to share the life of the peoples in-depth and not simply to visit a place. We want to consider the environment in which we travel, better to understand it, to become more eco-responsible and it asks, it is certain to live intensely this journey ” slow-special Ordinary ” This discovery with our children will be undoubtedly, the journey where we shall stand out grows up and filled of enjoyment and love because we shall live fully every day which will offer itself to us.
I want to write : Nothing serves to run, appreciates the beauty of the encounters and every smile which it is given to you to see !

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