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We qualify it as an educational journey where to become aware completely the diversity and the wealth of the populations, the flora and fauna, the cultures and the lifestyle, are the key to be the witnesses of the Real World.

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"We wish you Welcome to Itinerantour and know that it is now, there, at once that your Envy for travel, is going to become Reality !

First of all, let's make the presentation !
First of all, let us make the presentations! We are a couple of Belgian who on a Sunday of 2006 decided to live what will be our first adventure and our first dream.
Everything has been set up very fast and during the summer, 2007 we settled down definitively ” in the Heaven on Earth ” where it is pretty well living , the island of Saint-Barthélemy in the French West Indies.

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An adventure like ours is, a journey into a real and surreal universe. Real because it will bring us to the encounter of other people, other cultures, we have voluntarerly decided to change our way of thinking and changing our codes to enrich ourselves with others. The ones of the people that live on our Mother Earth but that we do not know and we are lookinf forward to meeting them.
The Itinerantour Travel Blog , will be the place where we will share together what our adventure, our journey, will bring us in terms on life experience with the natives.

- The Non-Profit ITINERANTOUR -

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The Non-Profit ITINERANTOUR is closely connected to our long-term journey. It is a journey in the discovery of the man in his own environment. How many times we do not travel without even taking the time to discuss and learn from the local people that we cross and in their customs. Oh yes, in all these countries we discover beautiful landscapes but the people belong to this ground and make all their beauty. The Non-Profit ITINERANTOUR is an innovating project to bring a new look on the way of travelling. We shall present portraits of these people, their traditions, their jobs, their lifestyles and to bring a new “OPENED WINDOWS ON THE TRAVEL WORLD”

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Why do we travel ?

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West U.S.A.

From Las Vegas to Yellowstone
crossing the Grand Canyon,

Discover our trip into the West U.S.A.


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